Extra Content and other Resources

Read the book and interested in digging deeper? Check out these extras. 


Download All the Models and all the Code

All model and code examples are available from the Apress Models to Code Github site. You can run your model generated code on a variety of embedded platforms. We have compiled and tested the book's code on the Silicon Labs Giant Gecko starter kit using their Simplicity Studio development environment.

Source code for the ST/MX (single threaded model execution) domain and the pycca code generator is available from this fossil repository.

Learn more about Executable UML (xUML)

We introduce Executable UML in our book just enough so that you can get going translating models. If you are interested in learning more about the modeling language itself there is a separate site dedicated to this purpose.

Here's a shortcut to the current specification for the Scrall action language used in our model examples. <not yet linked>

Even more models to code!

The book covers pycca which is our solution for embedded microcomputer platforms. If you want to target other types of platforms, take a look at what other things we have available.